Air Conditioners for Bedrooms.
One of the main reasons that people struggle to sleep at night is due to uncomfortable temperatures (both hot and cold) and high humidity. Air Conditioners can instantly and efficiently solve both these situations and they are less expensive than you may think. The Air Conditioning Company only installs air conditioners that are whisper quite and cause no distraction whatsoever. This means you won’t have to leave a window open and have external night-time noises affect your sleep; ideal if you live near a main road. Usually a low powered air conditioner is suitable for most bedrooms so when selecting an aircon unit the main considerations are usually based on price, features and aesthetics.
Ducted Units for Bedrooms
Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are the most expensive option, but they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing and are hugely popular in new-build properties. The ductwork and unit are hidden within the ceiling or loft space, so all that is visible is a small and unobtrusive grille in the ceiling. Ducted units are best fitted as part of a new development of building project as they require a ceiling void and some pre-planning. If you are having other works carried out in the ceiling space, then we will need to liaise with your architects or project managers to ensure that all the installation work is managed efficiently and effectively. There are various grille designs available that suit different shapes and sizes of room. Our surveyors will talk you through various solutions, to ensure you achieve the design aesthetic you desire.
Ideal Systems for Bedrooms: Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
Wall mounted air conditioners are the most common units used in a bedroom setting. The two main advantages are that wall units are always the cheapest to install; they are also easy to retrofit in bedrooms without the need for redecoration. They are long, thin and placed at a high level on the wall. Like all models designed for bedrooms, they are exceptionally quiet which means that they’ll never stop you from having a good night sleep.
Low Wall Mounted Air Conditioners for Bedrooms
Low wall-mounted air conditioners are very similar to the wall units discussed above; however, they are placed at a low level on the wall. They are more expensive than traditional wall units, but customers sometimes prefer them because, like radiators, they are placed out of their line of sight. Low wall air conditioning units are often used in bedrooms within converted lofts as they fit neatly on the short wall below a sloping ceiling. Our surveyors will usually recommend ‘high-wall’ units (due to price) so if you are interested in having ‘low wall’ aircon units in your bedroom, ensure to tell our surveyors, and they’ll happily design a suitable solution for you.