Air Conditioning/AMC in Borivali

The Unique Cooling Solution Company have been maintaining air conditioners all over Mumbai for last 3 years. Our aircon service engineers carry out a full and effective maintenance of your unit(s). Regular maintenance will always:

  • Split Air Conditioner AC AMC maintenance
  • Window Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance
  • Tower Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance
  • Cassette Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance
  • Ductable Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance
  • Package Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance
  • VRV Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance
  • VRF Air conditioner AC AMC Maintenance

Objectives of AC Solutions:

  • Maintenance is the major factor a unit requires and we being into service our major focus are to provide annual maintenance to your Ac/AMC which could give value to our procedures and also would help us concentrate in consuming differences in empowering the factors.
  • AMC (Annual maintenance) by its name is capable of defining our long time vision of getting preventive maintenance at its core.
  • Preventive maintenance is understood by a process which helps us to deploy monitoring process and also leading to value of communication and further selecting the constraints.
  • AC AMC has developed an important factor in our life and we have recognized the importance of getting our units maintained by professionals to target proper functioning of the unit and also concentrate more on minimizing the breakdown for these units. The limitations to these type of resistance is to conclude for seeing terms and norms by many conditions and monitoring factors which could help in valuing the treaty.
  • Periodical maintenance is always helped and also is been looked to conclude the fact that these small investment has resulted in major strengthening in the periodic constrains. We have servicing provided to units at periodical interval to have proper control on the dimensions and values which has more to do with empowering and constantly deploying our efforts to minimize breakdown of the units. Annual maintenance (AMC) of Air conditioners (AC) is procedure which would help smooth functioning of our units and for minimizing out efforts to minimize breakdown.

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